Use one of four ways to change your subscription plan:  online, call us, email us, or do it yourself online. Below is how to change your subscription online:

1. Click on the "Log In" button in the upper right corner of

2. After login, click on the "Manage Account" icon shown in the image below.

3. You will have access to your own self-service portal and can click on the blue button that says "Manage My Subscription."

4. Upon opening the "Manage My Subscription" tab, click on the "Change Subscription" tab as shown below.

5. In this pop-up box, select your new choice of subscription plans. If there is no plan that you like, call the Customer Service Hotline at (917)-905-2080 to speak with an agent.  

6. After choosing the subscription plan you want, your account will be updated. Success!